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maus Music Review - Centhron - Dominator

In the harsh electro scene we come across a myriad of bands wanting to show of their unique style, and impress us with an album full of stompy dancefloor hits. I don’t think this is one of those albums. While Dominator brings us several well-conceived dance tracks that the dancefloor will love, and though a large number of Harsh Electro lovers will quickly accept this as a good album, I am a little dissapointed.   

This album is formulaic, robotic at times and even boring, even while listening to tracks blowing up with screaming vocals and raging synths. But these factors do not make a full bodied Harsh electro album in my opinion. The sum of it’s parts does not make up the whole. This album is missing it’s passion and its purpose, and the forced emotion is completely irksome. This might fly if we were 21st century soulless people.

Dominator embodies unfocused aggression.. Essentially blind rage. Every note of the high pitched vocals is sharp and biting with anger. The over the top harshness provides a turnoff in my opinion. But is that the kind of anger that we learn to love in dark Industrial or Harsh Electro music? My thoughts while listening is, what is he so angry about? The over confident tone of the vocal styling comes off as senseless, emotionless, and at times robotic. Fetish? Oh yes.. Very.. Like the title Dominator indicates. the sting of the whip is there, but no passion within. If that was the purpose of Dominator, then well done. Female vocals dropped within a few of the tracks lack any kind of excitement (“yes my Master” on the track Dominator, and the unsexy vocals in Cunt).

 Let’s ignore the annoying vocals for a minute.. The music on each track is decent..(because the album was mastered by X-fusion mastermind Jan L.) High synths like that of every great Grendel or Tactical Sekt song. Dancefloor umph like all the dark electro bands before them. If the vocals were left out this would be up in the ranks of a good Phosgore or Modulate release.

 A few tracks provide redemption for the band, which I strongly want to support. Dancefloors will embrace the tracks 666, Atomschlag, So Sterbe Ich - though each of these is still very harsh. The ballad Kind des Wehrmuts proves Centhron does not have to do pornorrific hard and fast all the time, and it is beautifully moving because of the lack of vocals. (The robot vocals work perfectly here) Like a breath of fresh air. Kopschauss has a decent Agonoize-like dancefloor flow. Also the track Dominator has grown on me.. As it seems to be the only other song that stands out. The other tracks, as good as they are offer nothing outstanding or new. This is a ‘play it safe’ release. Check out Centhron’s earlier releases.

 I feel the album was done well enough, and most will be entertained by it for it’s quick porn-like payoff. Look for anything deeper and you’ll be lost. C+

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